Lib Tech Box Scratcher 14/15

Lib Tech Box Scratcher 14/15

Postby Lerdi » Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:46 pm

I bought the 2015 Box Scratcher in 143 cm, and I was initially worried that this would be too short for me.
Then I took this board to Kopaonik, all over the mountain (steeps, moguls, powder, terrain park) and was amazed at what this board could do.Turn initiation is effortless, and because of the banana rocker it's easy to cheat and just muscle the board into a turn even when my technique is bad/sloppy. It can hold a light carve, and predictably slides out from a hard carve thanks to the magne traction edges.
I really had to work hard to keep this board afloat in deep powder, but if you can keep up your speed, it works, even with a centered stance (I would not set back the stance at all on a board this short).
I'm not good enough to do presses on boxes and rails, but riding around on the snow on just the tail is so easy and fun. I could even steer the board left and right just by shifting my weight back and forth, something I could not manage on my other board (DC Tone 149).
This board is so short and playful, that it finally gave me the guts to try things on boxes other than riding straight over them. So I was able to do boardslides and tailslides, and even when I messed up, I was usually still able to slip off early and ride away safely.
Small and medium kickers were no problem for this board, although the shorter length and softer flex made it feel a little squirrelly while straight-lining to the take-off
I hot-waxed the base, and it resulted in a pretty fast glide. However, I noticed the base was drying out (turning hazy white) near the edges after two days on the snow.
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